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Shout History
...and if you know our history.........

Two small boys wandered through the heather, swiping the heads off flowers and plants with their sticks as they passed. Suddenly one of the boys whacked the other and a chase ensued, the boy with the red welts on his legs determined to get his revenge. They ran for miles and hadn’t noticed the mist creeping across the land and blotting out the sun. Suddenly the lead boy stumbled and lost his footing, rolling down a hillside and coming to a stop as his head cracked against a weathered grey boulder, half sunk in the bed of a crystal stream.

The boy felt cold water rippling through his hair and he sat up quickly, disorientated. The mist clung to him like a damp blanket and the boy shivered, lurching to his feet. With no sign of his friend and no idea of which direction to travel, he set off along the edge of the stream, following the direction of the flow. Soon afterwards he heard the sound of rushing water and he quickened his pace, eager to find the source of the noise. He came to an abrupt halt at the edge of a cliff, stones skittering off into the abyss as he fought to control his balance. The stream plunged into a small pool in the centre of an enclosed hollow. The pool was edged with a narrow grassy bank that ended at the rock walls encircling it. The water from the pool entered a cave within the cliff walls on the opposite side, of any other exit, there was no sign. The boy heard the cry of a crow from somewhere above him and then the distinct sound of running footsteps behind him. Before he had time to react he had been struck hard in the back and tumbled into thin air, a brief glimpse as he fell told him that he had been re-united with his friend. The two boys sank deep into the cold glassy waters of the pool and fought to the surface for air. Throwing themselves on the bank they coughed and spluttered, thankful that they were both still alive.

Looking at the foot of the cliff, one of the boys noticed a small mossy hillock with a strange, oval shaped rock perched on top. They approached it, hesitant but inquisitive. As they got closer the rock began to wobble, they could see a crack appearing along the side and a piece dropped out as they stared. The motion ceased. The boys looked on, unable to tear their gaze away. They could now hear rasping breaths coming from within the stone as well as deep guttural muttering in some strange demonic language.

Dirty fingers curled over the edge of the stone and the boys leapt back in shock. More fingers appeared quickly followed by the head of a creature whose countenance the boys had only ever imagined in horror stories. The stone crumbled away, leaving the small manlike being standing naked amidst a pile of grey dust. Dreadlocks of filthy hair fell around the creature’s dirty, lumpy face. A thin neck led to a small white body, streaked with dirt and excrement. Ribs could be seen poking out here and there within the torso. Short stocky legs supported it, splayed wide in an aggressive pose. The boys reeled back in horror as the gremlin clutched its small cock and bollocks and waggled them in a threatening manner, leering as it scampered from one foot to the other.

“W..w…wh…wh..who…who…are you?” one of the boys stammered

“pishbuggeryfucktoleybumshite” The creature screeched. “Away tae fuck. Whae the fuck ahm ay? Yer wee fucking bawbags, ah’ll tell ye whae the fuck ah ahm yer paukit jakey heid the baws”

The angry little imp reached behind the grassy mound and retrieved a pair of smelly old tights which he proceeded to tie around his forehead. Standing on the mound itself, clutching a wickedly sharp looking knife he made several stabbing motions in front of him before finally, defiantly raising it above his head screaming……

“Ahm Rev and ahm a fucking GOG”


In late 2004 Rev set up The Grumpy Old Gits server and went on a mission to find other GOGs to answer the calling. Within a few months the server was flourishing. It was full every night and even busy during the day at weekends and holidays. The sacred number of GOGs was twelve, a number that we stuck to despite numerous applications to join the clan.

The twelve original GoGs were as follows, Rev Crash, Mikey King, boroboy (now Smoggy) Evil Bill, He who shall not be named, Blue Blade, Spliffy@id, Soldier Schweik, Bullet Magnet, The Doctor, Sauniere, Sound of Distant Thunder (SODiT)

Officially a clan, we never thought of ourselves in that way, the emphasis being on having fun and chatting during the long time spent dead. Our drunken nights of shooting and stabbing have become folklore and are remembered with misty eyes. The main ingredients in the success of our server were our strict, no nonsense attitude and of course the regulars. Those freakish misfits who found a home within our hallowed halls. The lords and ladies, the criminals and the deadbeats, the haves and have nots who would congregate of an evening and sit patiently waiting for an opportunity to join in the fun. In the interest of public harmony we changed to a dedicated server, increased the player slots and then the tic rate and the player slots again and still they came. Such was our popularity that the GOG server spawned several spin off clans, regulars who broke away so that they didn’t have to queue to get onto a server.

Our regulars consisted of a huge cross section of players, from those who just wanted a drunken blast to those who were in some of the best CS leagues in the country. Our doors were open to all providing that the rules were obeyed. On rare occasions we were forced to ask certain players to move on because their skill levels were simply too high for the server and were causing our regulars to disconnect. We did this reluctantly but honestly and our regulars appreciated it.

During the years the GOG personnel changed slightly although we managed to keep the majority of our original members and those that left were replaced from within the ranks of our regulars. One of these replacements was a fat hairy farmer boy with delusions of grandeur but we’ll come to that later…

Troubled Times

Throughout the years one thing that had remained the same was the server company, we found one that we liked early and stuck with them through thick and thin. We had very few problems and when we did we experienced excellent levels of support. Unfortunately, they eventually went under and we were forced to look for another company. Now this was at a time when CSS was on the wane. We still had a full server most nights but the company change caused us all sorts of problems. The one that we changed to had dodgy servers and we lost players due to multiple restarts and poor support. We changed again and had similar problems. Another change and the damage had been done. The numbers dwindled and some of the admin moved on. We looked at other games in order to keep the clan together, one such game was Team Fortress 2.

The Alternative

The majority of the GOGs were not keen on the idea but recognised a change was necessary. In 2009 after 5 years the huge CSS lever was switched to off and was replaced with TF2.

Initially this was successful but as a lot of the admin were half hearted about it we decided to recruit admin specifically for the TF2 game so that there would always be a presence on the server. This second admin stream saw the return of the farmer boy mentioned earlier. It’s fair to say that he took on the running of the TF2 clan while the rest of us waited for the return of something special. Now during this phase of transformation Mikey King was instrumental in the running of the server and forums and once the new admin were comfortable with handling it themselves he took a back seat, helping out when called upon.


Early in 2012, with the news that CSGO was on the horizon, several of the old GOGs came out of their crypts in readiness for the new dawn. We posted messages on the GOG website and out of politeness requested a section of the forum for CSGO use. Incredibly the power mad individual refused our request. At this stage we had a dilemma, take back what was ours or move on. We still owned the domain, we still had admin access to the forum and we certainly had the moral high ground. As you can imagine we could have wreaked havoc on the TF2 server and forum but being the gentlemen that we are, we decided to start afresh and The Original GOGs (TOGs) were born.

In February 2012 we purchased a new server, we used our domain name to create our new forum and we announced our return to the CSS community. Once wind of this reached the fat controller his gurgling cries were heard across all corners of the globe as his toys were thrown out of his pram.

We now have 10 main admin consisting of admin and regulars from our first clan. We also have a list of regulars with admin rights to supplement the admin team. Our game regulars are made up of previous regulars as well as completely new ones.


In May 2012 our CSGO beta server was created and we have been pleasantly surprised at the numbers of players frequenting it already. We have received several messages of good will from players who will hopefully become our new regulars.

In August 2012 the CSGO was released in full and our task of elevating the TOG server to the dizzy heights of it's predecessor is underway

The next chapter begins……..

Posted by mikeyking on Tue Jan 15, 2013 8:19 pm (comments? | Score: 0)
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